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APA stands for Authentic Parashara Applications.

APA applies the traditional Vedic Astrology of Maharshi Parashara (Jyotish)
with German precision and reliabiliy.

In 2000 Siebelt Meyer, internationally known expert of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish), founded the APA System & Vision GmbH in Wolfsburg, Germany.

System & Vision implies that APA is a systematic approach with the vision of the inner light of Jyotish.

The company is offering:

• APA Vedic Astrology Software - Ultimate Edition, which is at present the worlds most advanced Vedic Astrology Software, developed with latest technology. This highly intuitive software is known for its high precision and wide range of practical applications.

•Reader on Vedic Astrology (at present only in German).

• Curriculum to train individuals as APA-Consultants (at present in German only).
APA consultants are qualitied to analyse and explain an individual's personality profil, focal points of life and health analysis.

Siebelt Meyer (Jyotish Shastri) is also offering consultations to individuals and companies,
based on a fundamental birth time rectification.


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