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Professional Birth Time Rectification Module

This module supports experts of Vedic Astrology to rectify birth times up to the minute or even seconds by applying the "Exclusion Method".

Always 6 Kundalis are displayed, which the user can selected. For birth time rectification it is recommended to use the Lagna and Navamsh Kundali, along with other Amsha Kundalis relating to the events, like children, parents, great successes, conveyances etc.

Vedische Astrologie Software - Jyotish - APA Ultimate Edition: Professionelles Geburtszeit-Korrektur Modul
The "time bar" with white and red sections (see top left) displays a choosen time frame. In this case it shows 22:05:50 h till 22:16:22 h (official birth time of Helmut Schmidt is 22:15 h).

Details of Screenshot

The red section of the "time bar (--> see blue arrow) reflects the choice of Dasha Lord to be deleted by "trimming". This trimming will reduce the time frame in which the accurate birth time is expected. This Dasha lord is chosen with double click in the second lowermost window to the left (event window).

In the above screen shot the Pratyantar-Dasha Lord Guru (Jupiter) is chosen and therefore highlighted:
1. as one red bar in the "event window" (-->see red arrow).

2. as red bar for each Dasha combination with Guru as Pratyantar Lord in the "dasha window
(--> see green arrow and frame).

3. In the "time bar" as red section, showing how long Guru (Jupiter) would rule as Pratyantar-Dasha Lord within the total chosen time frame (red and white bar together).
The red "time bar" also displays, which period would be deleted, in case one would "trim" the time frame, als explained in the next paragraph.

When no Dasha Lord is highlighted in red, then the "time bar" is white, only showing the total time frame chosen. Within this time frame, which is defined by the user, the correct birth time is expected to be found. As default, the program starts the birth time rectification always with plus/minus 10 min. as calculated from the entered birth time. However the user may alter this time frame.

Event Window
The events of life which were entered by the user are shown in the "event window" under the "trim" button. A event highlighted as blue line, shows in the "dasha window" below as Dasha-Lord-Combinations and as red section in the upper "time bar". The "time bar" is divided into 20 equal sections, i. e. 20 possible times of birth. For each of these times the Dashas are calculated and displayed.

Dasha Window
In the "dasha window" below the "event window", within each of the 5 levels of Dashas any Dasha-Lord can be highlighted, in case the user is sure that this Dasha Lord is not clearly fitting to the event under consideration:

One click on Dahsa Lord: BLUE colour indicates that the event may possibly not fit to the chosen Dasha Lord. This Dasha Lord and his period will not be deleted by trimming.

Two clicks on Dahsa Lord: RED colour indicates that the event definitely does not fit to the chosen Dasha Lord. When clicking the "trim" button, the red highlighted periods at the left and right end of the "time bar" get deleted.

Thus the time frame gets shortened. Sections marked red which are not located at the two edges will stay. By selecting more and more Dashas Lords whoes periods are at the ends of the time frame, and then using the "trim" button, the time range for the possible birthtime will get more and more reduced till finally the correct time of birth is left. However, this will only work if a sufficient number of events are used (at least 15 exact dates of important events) and if the user has sufficient knowledge of the effects of Dasha Lords to connect or do not connect with the events under consideration.

Trimming of Time Frame
To delete a period, click the blue button "trim“, which you find under the "time bar". Each trimming will be saved, so that you can easily go back in the steps of rectification by clicking the blue arrow button left to the trim button - or go forward gain by clicking the right arrow button. You can only trim, if some periods of time are marked red at either end of the red section in the "time bar".

Other Windows
The bottom window to the left shows, which Amshas are present in the chosen time frame as possible Lagnas. By clicking two times on a period related to an Amsha, this will be marked red in the time bar at the top. If it falls at one of the ends of the time frame as shown in the time bar, it can also be deleted with the trim function.

The window in the bottom center left shows the Dasha Lords of the highlighted event together with the previous and following Djasha Lord combinations.

The two bottom windows to the right show details of the Gochar situation for the highlighted event and the details of the Grahas in the birth chart.

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