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Purchase Info

With the purchase of the APA-Ultimate Edition you will receive a licence key which will allow unlimited use of the APA-UE. Please activate your software within 15 days online.

APA Ultimate Edition Software
  EUR 480,-

Upgrade Fee: EUR 300,-
If you have purchased the APA-Software version 3.x.x you may apply for this up-grade fee.

Competetive Upgrade: EUR 350,-
In case you have purchased any Vedic Astrology Software prior to this order with a purchase receipt in hand, you may apply for the competetive upgrade fee.

Birthtime-Rectification Modul: EUR 210,- (Upgrade fee EUR 130,- )
More information on this modul

In case you have not yet downloaded the APA-Ultimate Edition version 5.6.24
from 28. Oct. 2019, please click here:


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