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für Windows 10,8,7, Vista and XP with SP3
Enjoy this free full version download up to 15 days after installation. For unlimited use please purchase a licence key
Attention: Prior to installing version 5.6 please close all previous APA versions 5.3.xx or 5.2.x

Version 5.6.24
28. October 2019

Vedische Astrologie Software<empty>
250 MB

  vedische astrologie software True Chitra Paksha Lahiri Ayanamsha................. .vedische astrologie software APA-UE 5.6 - new features

Installation Instructions

1. Right click on"Download" button.
2. After download you will find the APA.exe file in the windows folder "downloads".
3. Double click on the .exe file will install the software. Follow the installation instructions.
4. Version 5.6 will install in C:\ProgrameFiles\ APA Ultimate Edition. Do not change this path.
Windows 10: After installation "Run as Administrator" i.e. right click on the APA icon opens a window, where you can choose this option.

Attention: If following programs are not yet installed on your computer please download here:  
Service Pack 3 für Windows XP


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